That’s one way to prove his hearing (or lack thereof)   3 comments

When the vet saw him to determine his hearing, the vet’s opinion was that he was almost completely deaf or deaf and no further testing was needed.  There was some debate as to whether he might have some small amount of hearing, but he was so non-reactive to sound that it didn’t matter for training purposes.

This afternoon, the fire alarm went off.  Kelly was home with Castiel.  Castiel was napping in his crate (He is a puppy and, as stated in a previous  post, he can get obnoxious, so Kel was taking a brief puppy break).  The fire alarm for our building is very loud.  It’s louder and more piercing than any school fire alarm that I’ve ever heard in my life.

Castiel slept through it.  He didn’t even wake up until Kelly opened the crate door to take him outside.  When he was awake, he was completely chill about it and didn’t react to the sound at all.

We’ve found some benefits to this lack of hearing.  We can discuss things while the puppy is napping without waking him up.  We can do dishes without having the puppy get disturbed.  When the cats start yelling at each other in the other room, the puppy doesn’t go to investigate.

It does pose challenges.  I mentioned bite inhibition before.  We have to grab his muzzle and give him a shake to train him not to bite, which I feel so bad doing to a puppy his age, but, as someone said to us, imagine how bad we’d feel if someone got hurt, dealing with animal control and insurance companies.

This is certainly a new and exciting journey for us.


Posted February 24, 2011 by thoenix in bite inhibition, chewing, Deaf dogs

3 responses to “That’s one way to prove his hearing (or lack thereof)

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  1. There are so many benefits to him being deaf. The fire alarm goes off at least once a month in my building and the Twins sleep right through it. Also, he can’t hear anyone knocking at the door or if you get up in the middle of the night for a pee he won’t wake up, unless you turn lights on.

    • Oh yes. Already enjoying these. Kel and I can talk while Castiel sleeps–and Cas doesn’t wake up. We can do things and he just sleeps through!

      We’ve taken to hanging a blanket over his crate so that lights don’t disturb him. We joke that he’s like a parrot–a blanket over the crate quiets him down. We’re keeping an eye to make sure that he doesn’t show any undue interest in the blanket, but so far he doesn’t seem to notice it.

  2. A good “no bite” train is as he is biting you you pinch on his lips and roll them into his mouth (towards the back so he actually os biting himself. they pick up pretty quickly that it hurts so they stop.

    Another method it to push you hand further into his mouth (like, hold your hand flat, and push it all the way back to his jaw) this is uncomfortable and he will eventually push your hand away with his paws.

    Either of these methods condition him to think of biting as unpleasant, and are not cruel or harmful.

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