And it begins-training!   3 comments

I am going to tell you a secret.  Some people might be horrified to hear it.

Puppies are not tiny balls of sunshine, happiness and perfection.  They are four-legged balls of mischief, urine and naughtiness.

The ‘shiny’ of getting a new puppy wears off very, very quickly.  Usually about the third time they pee on your floor or the fourth time you take them out in freezing temperatures to pee only to have them stare at you like you’re the biggest moron they’ve ever seen in your life and refuse to urinate–only to do it as soon as you get into the nice, warm house.

I’d like to take a moment to discuss a quote I found in another blog called Dog Foster Mom. I found this quote in a post entitled Deaf Dogs, discussing her first deaf foster, a dog named Tulsa.

“I forgot one basic rule – a dog is a dog first, their breed second, and their disability last.”

Castiel is an 8 week old puppy.  His personality is perfect for us and he will grow into the dog we want, I’m sure of that.  But right now, he’s a dog first and a puppy more specifically.  He chews everything in sight.  He barks at the cats.  He wants to play when we don’t want to play (like at 2 am) and wants to nap when we want to play.  He’d rather chew anything we don’t want him to chew than what we do want him to chew.

None of this has anything to do with his breed or his disability.  This all is simply a reflection of being a baby animal with sharp pointy teeth and the ability to move around with some level of co-ordination.  He is a dog.  At this point, his breed doesn’t even play into it yet, outside of his size.  It’s a little frustrating to take the puppy for a walk and have him get tired and need to carry home a dog as big as he is!  But that’s our fault for overestimating his stamina.  We’ve made a sling out of a bedsheet to take with us in case of over-tired puppy.

When he gets just a little tired or doesn’t want to move, he simply puts his butt down and stares at us.  We’ve decided to just ignore him when he does this–within a few seconds of no attention, he changes his mind and decides to come with us after all.  He wants attention.

He also wants both of his people together.  He wants us both in his sight whenever possible, which is rather adorable.  He’ll sit his bum down if someone falls behind on a walk and wait for them to come into sight.  He’s already bonding to us and that’s wonderful.

He’s sweet.  He’s cuddly.  He’s very excited to see us.  We love him like no one’s business.  He also seems to have some cleverness to him.

About 4 out of 5 times, Castiel is responding correctly to our sign for sit.  It’s not set in stone and we’re reinforcing it heavily, but this is huge.  He’s been home just about 48 hours, so this is a big update for us.  Other commands will take more time, but hopefully this is an excellent start and is a sign of good things to come.


3 responses to “And it begins-training!

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  1. Has he eaten your workshoes yet?

  2. It never ceases to amaze me that people want a puppy or dog and forget about the time and training it takes. They need to learn your commands and routine. Dog classes are really about training the owner 🙂 I don’t treat my deaf dog as disabled, just as I don’t treat my husband as hard of hearing. I just have to communicate with both of them in ways they understand.

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