Castiel visits home   2 comments

Today, we got to meet our baby for the first time.  He’s beautiful.  His temperament is absolutely perfect for us.  He and his mum and his Grandma Dori came to our place to let him explore for a couple of hours.  It was one of the best experiences of my life.

Castiel appears to have some very limited hearing, though we’re not sure on it.  When he’s asleep, if you clap right near his head or whistle right next to his ear, he does wake up, but it’s not with a startle.  It’s more a gentle ‘something just bugged me’ so it may be that he is very sensitive to air currents.  If he does have any hearing, it is limited enough that it may as well not exist.  We tried clapping away from him when he was awake and, while his mother startled, he didn’t even seem to notice.  At this point, though, it’s impossible to say if he heard it and was just so overstimulated that he didn’t notice or if he just couldn’t hear it.

We had a lot of fun.  Our smallest cats weren’t very happy, but they had calmed down by the end of the visit.  He pranced around and investigated everything.  He really liked the water from our cat fountain, which just cemented the fact that I’m going to buy a larger water fountain for him.  I was so happy.

At the end of his visit, we took him to the pet shop around the corner to meet our favourite clerks.  He had a collar and leash on for the first time ever and he walked brilliantly.  His leash was loose the whole way, pretty well, though he didn’t seem to like his paws on the very cold cement, so we ended up carrying him for stretches to let them warm up.

At the pet shop, he explored for a few minutes, then fell asleep on the floor between my partner’s feet.

He comes home the 19th and we can’t wait.


Posted February 10, 2011 by thoenix in Deaf dogs, Preparing for a puppy, The perfect dog

2 responses to “Castiel visits home

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  1. SQUISH SQUISH! I can’t wait to smell his puppy breath!

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