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Today, we got an email from Castiel.  He’s doing well and growing every day.  The picture above is of his first drink of water from the big dogs’ bowl!  He’s a cutie pie.  I love the dribbles on the edge of the bowl!

Here’s the body of his email:

To my new family,
Hi this is castiel here, it is very difficult to type with claws but I am gonna try while grandma dori is out of the room, You see I love exploring and I hate being cooped up in the pen with Mom and my siblings. Today Grandma let me out and I hung out with my dad Cruiser and my half sister Rain (she is 14 weeks so is fun to play with but sometimes I think she thinks I am one of her stuffed toys she has one that is bigger then me!!) but not for long cause I am growing every day.  It was so much fun to be free!! and then I got to take a nap on Grandma’s bed with Rain. it was better then the dog bed we have in the pen and beside shade never lets me or any of the Harls in. just Her and Trent get to go in and she growls if  me or the harls try! She is very Bossy!! but she will be so jelous that I got to go on the big bed…
then I got to drink out of the big dogs water dish but I don’t like water very much it is too cold, I prefer Mom’s milk cause it is nice and warm. We got shavings in our pen yesterday so we are learning how to not potty on the blankets. I sometimes forget but when you gotta go you gotta go.
we also got to try this Mushy stuff that Grandma put in the pen yesterday. It was really good and I had a great time slurping it up but then Mom gave me a bath which I hate, she puts her giant foot on me and licks me all over and I can’t move until I am clean.

well I gotta go… (feel free to put this on my blog!!) have more adventures will type more msg to you just wanted you to know what a day in the life of me was like…

Clever little thing, isn’t he?  Thanks to his Grandma Dori for ‘helping’ him with that.

We’re very fortunate in that Grandma Dori is also willing to board him any time we need to go away, which makes me very happy that he’ll be going to someone that we KNOW loves him already.


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