Culling the whites is stupid and accomplishes nothing.   1 comment

I’ve spoken before, briefly, about the fact that many breeders ‘cull’ the white puppies, not allowing them to live.  I’d like to speak more on this and why I think it is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard.  It accomplishes nothing and, most importantly, it does not prevent deaf animals!  In this post, I am speaking specifically of animals who are born deaf due to being light in colour or white.

All cats and dogs are born blind and deaf.  The only difference between a deaf puppy and one that can hear is that the deaf puppy just stays deaf after its ears open.  It will never know that it is deaf because we have no way to say ‘other dogs can hear and you can’t’ that the puppy will understand.  Even if this animal were to be bred (and I’m not saying that a deaf animal should be) it can only pass on one copy of the gene that makes it so light in colour, meaning it has no greater likelihood of having deaf offspring than its parents did, provided it is not bred to another ‘white.’  Genetically speaking, a deaf puppy is sound stock.

There is no conformation issue inherent in colour-related deafness.  Nothing I have been able to uncover says that they’re more likely to suffer any issue but skin cancer.  The skin cancer issue has to do with the lack of pigment, which allows them to sunburn more easily than their coloured counterparts–in other words, it’s not inherent to the colour, it’s due to owners leaving them out in the sun to fry.  In a future post, I will cover what can be done to help prevent sunburns in white animals.

One of the things that bothers me most is that they don’t even wait to see if a white animal is going to be deaf or not.  They put the animal down shortly after birth.  They leave the puppies in their sacks to suffocate to death, not even letting them breathe their first breath.  Not every single white animal is deaf or blind.  Most have one issue or the other, yes, but these breeders don’t even give the animal the chance to prove its hearing and vision.

So why is it that breeders are killing white puppies?  Quite simply, it’s a matter of appearances.  It ‘looks poorly’ on the breed to have deaf danes or deaf dalmatians running around.  This attitude bothers me.  You might as well say that it looks poorly upon humans for there to be deaf children running around.  No one actually thinks that way about humans, so why think that way about puppies?

I honestly don’t know.  It’s completely unimaginable to me.  No one knows how many deaf puppies are born every year because so many are killed.  There’s no way to properly study the percentages of deaf puppies because they don’t live long enough to be hearing tested.  This saddens and sickens me.

What saddens and sickens me even more is the way that breeders who do not cull the white babies are treated by the community.  They’re treated like heretics and as though they’re ruining the breeds.  How is it ruining a breed to allow an animal to grow up, be neutered/spayed and loved by people?

Castiel is a dog like any other and he deserves his chance at a long, healthy life with people who love him.  I’m so grateful that our beautiful baby isn’t one of the possibly thousands of puppies who die every year at the hands of breeders who think deaf dogs are worthless, untrainable or vicious.  They’re not and over the days, weeks, months and years that we have Castiel to love, we’re going to prove every single one of them wrong.


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  1. Wow! This is heartbreaking ! I never imagined a precious puppy would be put down because of its color ? I’d understand having this discussion only If a puppy’s born without any quality to enjoy life . Based on your research these little ones Are killed before given time to fully developed. It’s shameful. Don’t understand how it’s legal? Thank you for sharing a heartbreaking topic

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