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I’d like to take this post to go a little more in detail about the serendipitous events that occurred that told us that Castiel was indeed the correct dog for us.  Sometimes it’s the little things that tell you that yes, this is in your cards.

We knew that we were going to name a male dog Castiel before we ever even found a puppy.  Castiel is the angel of Thursday and a character from the television show Supernatural.  The character is an angel who sided with man in the face of the oncoming apocalypse.  His great crime that lost him his powers was thinking for himself and not following the party line.

It thus seemed very, very appropriate when Castiel was born on Christmas day.  And most of his black spots are on his head.  A white animal with dark spots on his head named for an angel who thought for himself?  Seemed like serendipity.

Then there was the day of the phonecall saying that he was ours. I most commonly am called Tay.  We went out to the Costco to see if it would help us save money on puppy supplies.  We’d never been to the Costco before.  It was a bit of a trek to get there and we found it on the Queensway and Taymall Road.  Taymall.  Nothing ever has my name in it, really.  So I jokingly said “It’s an omen!”

Little did we know that it really was.

While we were in there, examining dog food (incidentally, the Kirkland’s dog food is surprisingly good quality!), we missed a phonecall.  When we listened to the message, it was our breeder calling to let us know that Castiel was really ours.

We called her back as soon as we got home and we said we were interested in the puppy with the white back, who was then called Alpine.  She paused for a moment, then said ‘that’s perfect.’  The reason was that the other white puppy, who she was calling Trent, had someone that was expressing interest.  The person who was expressing interest had a special needs Irish Wolfhound and lived on the Trent river, so that seemed like serendipity, too.

So overall, we know that Castiel is the perfect dog for us because of all the little things that showed us that he is meant to be ours.  The fates aligned.


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